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The Preparation and Anticipation

As producer and host of 8Up With It Outdoors TV my schedule for up coming trips fill up fast for the whitetail deer season. I knew and felt this trip would be special. Dean Silva owner/ Guide at Spirit Creek Outfitters has a top notch operation. Knowing the quality hunt he offers was icing on the cake. Fast forward to my second day in the blind and trying to gear up for another all day sit in 5 degree temps, it just felt different. I knew it was going to be a special day! I was sitting there watching 2 doe when their heads snapped back and I seen horns passing through the brush. This ol Georgia boy knew immediately it was going down! Within a few minutes the echo of the rifle was rolling on way past the original sound through the bush of Saskatchewan. So much goes into a hunt and opportunity like I have had. I really can’t put into words the over whelming feeling of gratefulness.

Without quality gear and sound frogg toggs 1200 gram boots I would not have been able to be at the right place at the right time. I love this 8Up Life. I am consumed by the pursuit of the hunt and the memories made along the way. I am 8Up With It!