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Silence is essential for Whitetail success!

As an outdoor TV show host I have had the opportunity to bow hunt all over the world for some amazing animals. Each animal, and each hunt presents its own set of challenges. That being said, the more species I hunt the more I come to realize that the most wary animal I have ever had the opportunity to pursue lives right in my back yard! The Whitetail deer is without question the keenest animal I have ever hunted. They utilize all their senses to the fullest and taking a mature Whitetail buck is hands down the most difficult thing a bow hunter can accomplish.

Successful hunters sit high in tree stands to help combat the Whitetails keen sense of sight. They also play wind direction, use cover scents and in some cases Ozone devices to overcome their sense of smell. Even the novice hunter also knows that their hearing is amazing and creaky tree stands or even whispering can get you busted!

Knowing all this, it still amazes me the number of hunter who go into the deer woods with noisy clothing! Whitetail hunting clothing definitely needs to be warm, comfortable and must protect you from the elements. But the key feature that is often overlooked is that it MUST be silent as well. Finding clothing that checks all those boxes can be difficult, but they do exist and serious hunters owe it to themselves to do the research and find the perfect blend of functionality and silence. 

Take my advice on quiet rain gear and the next time you begin to come to full draw on that big buck, you can have confidence that he will never know you are there until it's too late!