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frogg toggs Gear to Pack for Vacation

I recently found myself standing between

Africa and Mount Everest in a torrential rain. Fortunately, I had packed my Frogg Toggs® Java jacket for just such an occasion. Unfortunately, it was the wrong choice for my situation. As I stayed dry and comfy from the waist up, my pants and pack quickly became waterlogged and uncomfortable. As I spied a family of 8 saunter by all decked out in their Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite ponchos, the light bulb illuminated.

Ok, obviously I was not standing between the Dark Continent and the real Mount Everest, I was standing in line for “Everest”, the ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We had traveled to Orlando to watch our daughter compete in the high school competition Cheer national championship and were enjoying the theme parks on our off time. Rain was in the forecast every day of our trip, so we packed our very light, very dry Java jackets by Frogg Toggs as potential protection from the predicted precipitation.

When it did finally rain, it rained hard and relentlessly. The Java jackets did their job, but only to the extent that they could provide coverage. From the waist down and everything we carried was soaked. That’s when I noticed that a LOT of people in the park were using the Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite poncho as protection. While it did not dawn on me while I was packing for the trip, I now realize the poncho is the ultimate travel companion for theme parks and family outings.

Let me explain. The Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite poncho is low-hanging, meaning that you are afforded considerably more protection from the elements than a standard waterproof jacket provides. It is also very roomy, meaning that it will cover a slung backpack, a satchel, a carried bag, a purse, or small children easily and effectively. It is also exceptionally compact, meaning you can pack one for the entire family and still have room for essentials like snacks, beverages, sunscreen and other necessities of all-day park excursions. The poncho is also airy. With its large bottom opening and split sides, the ponchos design provides exceptional airflow and ventilation, which is important on warm and humid days. Getting into and out of a poncho is also an exercise in simplicity and ease. You simply unpack it, shake it out, and slide it over your head. Taking it off is the reverse and is affected just as easily. Now, I would not assume to tell you that refolding it and placing it in its original packaging is easy, but that is not what we buy them for.

The Ultra-Lite poncho from Frogg Toggs is affordable, packable, easy to use, and very handy if you are traveling with a family to theme parks or other excursions where you may need to protect yourself and your belongings from mother nature. It provides almost full-rainsuit protection with low-bulk, ease of use, and affordability. Considering what you pay to gain access to the theme parks, the cost of the Ultra-Lite poncho makes it almost disposable. We bought ours at a local big-box store that afternoon, used them at the parks for the next 2 days and still have them in our closet for the trip next year (Our cheer team is good and we plan to go back for the next national championships).

Do yourself a favor, learn from my mistakes, and make sure you pack or purchase an Ultra-Lite poncho by Frogg Toggs before your next theme park trip or family outing. If it rains, you will be glad you did.