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From Artist to Angler

From Artist to Angler; or was it Angler to Artist? To be honest, I’m not really sure which came first. From a very young age, I took a liking to art. I always enjoyed art class. You could always tell what notebooks in school were mine- they were the ones littered with sketches and drawings of cartoons, dinosaurs, farm ponds and believe it or not, all different types of fish. Such pride came from showing off my art as a boy. What I wouldn’t give to have these notebooks today.

As I grew older, drawings became more and more scarce while fishing became more and more prominent. Then once I reached adulthood, I took a break from it all, fishing and art. I decided it was time to focus on securing a career within the Oil and Gas Industry. It left a huge hole in my life. A hole that I thought only competitive bass fishing could fill, so 2 years ago I decided it was time to get back into the sport that I’ve always loved so dearly. Not long after I started fishing again, my dad began trying to convince me to reacquaint myself with my artistic side by painting baits. I told him I appreciated his advice and encouragement but I was too busy trying to get back into the fishing world. Next thing I knew, an airbrush station showed up on my front door step. Not long after that, a rod wrapping machine. My dad told me I needed to start painting him baits and building him rods if I wanted his help getting back into competitive bass fishing. That is how Salt Creek Tackle was born. 

I latched onto painting and rod building immediately. What started out as a winter time hobby quickly took on a life of its own. I had the tackle bug and my wife had caught it too. About a year ago my wife, Amy, and I attended a Mudhole Custom Rod Building class in Cleveland, OH and the rest is history. It all fits together so perfectly. I feel so blessed to be able to use my passion for art and fishing together as one. My personal dream with Salt Creek Tackle is that I can use my artistic talent alongside my passion for fishing to create something unique, something truly special, something my kids can run with one day…