The Frogg Toggs® Ultra-Lite²™ Rain Jacket

The Frogg Toggs® Ultra-Lite²™ Rain Jacket
SKU: UL62104

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You don't have or even want to take up a lot of space with rain gear you may never need. That's why we made this extremely lightweight and packable rain Jacket.The Frogg Toggs® Ultra-Lite2™ Rain Jacket & Ponchos are constructed from an ultra-Lightweight, waterproof, breathable, non-woven polypropylene construction. The patented bi-laminate technology with "welded" waterproof seams and unmatched sweat-free breathability is a great value in affordable rain wear. The compression packability of this jacket or poncho allows it to pack down to "storage pocket" size and is perfect for backpacks, stadium seats or golf bags.
SizeChestWaistSleeveBack Length
S 48-51 48-51 35-36 31
M 51-54 51-54 36-37 31
L 54-57 54-57 37-38 31
XL 57-60 57-60 38-39 32
2X 60-63 60-63 39-40 32
3X 63 63 40 33

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Ultra light springs leaks
Review by Daria / (Posted on 7/11/2013)
I use the rain suit for emergencies when riding my motorcycle. The are very comfortable and easy to put on, even over my riding boots.Much less expensive than other brands marketed to bikers. After the first use, I noticed a tiny hole in the crotch seam. They still work but it looks like I wet myself.( Not a desirable look when going to restaurants or bars). Also, make sure you fasten the snaps on the jacket, otherwise the rain will go through the zipper...Overall, they are a good value but I wouldn't rely on them for everyday use.
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Great for hiking
Review by Beautz / (Posted on 7/11/2013)
I bought these for a trip to Philmont. I haven't used them in rain yet but after trying them on, I have no concerns and I think they will work perfect for camping or hiking in the rain. Very light material. I can see how you would want to be careful putting on the pants while wearing your hiking boots so not to tear the fabric.

I'm also a big guy (6'3" 36" waist and 250lb). I heard these suites run big. Although I was leaning to getting an XL suite, I decided on a large. This was a good call because it fits perfect with still some room.
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No pockets
Review by Jeff / (Posted on 7/11/2013)
It has done its job to keep me dry. I do wish I'd noticed the other reviews that mentioned the lack of pockets - neither the jacket nor the pants have any. I bought this to walk the dog in the rain, and at a minimum I'm carrying bags, keys & cell phone. Not having easy access to these items definitely makes this suit less than ideal.
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good for cheap & lightweight rain gear
Review by Rosco / (Posted on 7/11/2013)
I purchased this set of Frogg Toggs so I would have a top & bottom rain set for wearing at home, while going to get the mail and such. For $20ish, they looked to be a decent set.

The material is a type of plastic that has a somewhat faux suede feel to it. It's thin and lightweight, and pretty quiet (quieter than PVC or oilskins anyway.) The material seems strong enough. Some reviews complain it seems fragile and easy to rip, but I tried ripping a hole in it with my finger and a good bit of pressure, but it didn't rip (I could probably put a hole in it if I tried REALLY hard.) It would probably get torn with anything sharp, such as thorns and sharp rocks, if you're going hiking.

Some complaints: The pants are long and have no elastic gathers to keep the bottom from dragging on the ground, so I have to fold the pant bottoms up (or maybe hem or cut them, but can't be arsed.) And of course if I fold the bottoms up to keep them off the ground, I'll get water collecting in the folded cuff. Would've been nice to just have some elastic gathers here.

Second, no pockets, and no access slits to get into your pants pockets underneath. And guys, you'll have to drop your Frogg bottoms to go pee as you don't get a zipper with this low price stuff. Oh well :)

And no draw string on the pants, means they're gonna be sliding off a narrow waist if you get the wrong size or lose weight! I have only worn them once so far, and had no problem with them staying up, but I'd prefer a draw string to keep them secured.

Overall, I'm happy with them, they're cheap and they do the job. They're perfect for tossing into the car in case you need to change a tire in the rain, or for walking to the mailbox out on the rural roads. They're durable enough for this price point, and certainly out-perform those really cheap dollar-store plastic bag type disposable rain ponchos!
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