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Insights Vision Bow Pack | Solid Elements Brown

SKU: ISH9102

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The Vision Bow Pack in Solid Elements Brown features a wide main weapon compartment to fit even the longest parallel limb compound bows. Its heavy-duty interior pocket keeps your cam out of the dirt and off the ground, which can prolong the life of your string and cam. Ready to hunt, the pack's unibody chassis is integrated between the bow compartment and backplate to keep the load evenly distributed.

The Vision Bow Pack features the TS3 front pocket system, which allows three different pocket use options. The first use is as a standard front pocket. The second allows the front pocket to be completely unzipped and laid flat to create a shelf, ideal when the pack is strapped to a tree. The final use of the pocket is dropped down with the basket popped out, allowing easy access to binoculars and rangefinders while in the stand.

• Fits all bows currently on the market
• Padded weapon compartment protects bow, sights, and rests
• Dual holsters for quivers, tripods, water bottle holders, etc.
• Hydration pack compatible
• Comfort shoulder and waist strap systems
• Multiple MOLLE attachment locations
• Treestand shelf and basket system