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Frogg Toggs® NoSo Repair Patch



The NoSo Wader Repair Patch is your ultimate solution for durable fixes. This washable repair patch boasts a strong, long-lasting adhesive, making it ideal for fixing a variety of items including sleeping bags, jackets, and tents. Don't let rips and tears hold you back—trust the versatile NoSo Wader Repair Patch to restore and reinforce your gear so it's ready for any adventure.

• Wader Repair Patch
• Strong permanent adhesive
• Washable, durable, and long lasting
• Will also repair sleeping bags, jackets, pants, tents, tarps, backpacks, and more.


• Clean the damaged area with isopropyl alcohol.
• Remove any loose threads.

• Crack and peel the paper release liner.
• Center the patch over the damaged area and apply pressure from the center out to the edges.