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Insights Soft Side Bow Case

SKU: ISH9106-321


The Insight Soft Bow Case is the ideal transport solution for any bow hunter. This high-quality case offers superior bow protection, ensuring your bow remains safe and secure during transport. The hideaway backpack strap system allows for convenient and comfortable carrying options. The interior straps are adjustable, accommodating most compound bows and keeping them snugly in place. Additionally, the case features multiple exterior storage pockets, providing ample space for accessories and gear organization. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, the Insight Soft Bow Case is a reliable choice for archers looking to transport and safeguard their compound bow.

• Superior Bow Protection: Ensures the safety and security of your compound bow during transport
• Hideaway Backpack Strap System: Provides convenient and comfortable carrying options
• Adjustable Interior Straps: Accommodates most compound bows, keeping them securely in place
• Multiple Exterior Storage Pockets: Ample space for accessories and gear organization