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Insights Saddle Stalker Saddle Pack

SKU: ISH9501-321


The Insights Saddle Stalker backpack is the ultimate companion for saddle hunters, offering a compact and organized carrying solution. Designed to accommodate saddle hunting platforms and climbing sticks, this lightweight pack ensures hassle-free transportation of essential gear. Its quick and quiet access design allows hunters to swiftly retrieve equipment while remaining undetected. The backpack's comfortable molded shoulder straps provide all-day carrying comfort. With the MOLLE system, hunters can easily attach additional accessories to customize their setup. The pack is made with Insights Hunting's proprietary color adaptive fabric, ensuring optimal concealment in various environments. The Insight Saddle Stalker backpack is a must-have for saddle hunters seeking efficiency and versatility.

• Lightweight Design: Enables easy carrying during hunting trips
• Quick and Quiet Access: Swiftly retrieve gear while staying undetected
• Comfortable Molded Shoulder Straps: Provides all-day carrying comfort
• MOLLE System: Allows attachment of additional accessories
• Insights Hunting's Proprietary Color Adaptive Fabric: Optimal concealment
*Backpack only ; no accessories included