Introducing the Year-Round, Head-to-Toe, Do-It-All Rain Suit

The powerful Pilot II Guide Jacket System combines a breathable waterproof shell with zip-in insulated liners for total coverage 365 days of the year.

Pilot Guide System

Lifetime WarrantyWhen it’s raining and muggy, our Pilot II Guide Jacket System jacket-of-all-trades blocks out wind and rain without soaking you with sweat on the inside. During the colder months, you’ll want to add in the insulated liner for a lightweight layer of warmth. The Pilot II Guide Bib rounds out the system with wet-weather protection. Waterproof and breathable all the time. Warmth when you need it. Get the complete Pilot II Guide Jacket System for all seasons and weather conditions.

“On the tour, I’ll fish Cherokee with highs in the 30s and spitting snow. I go to Florida and it’s 80 degrees every day. Then I come back home again and it’s back in the 40s and raining. So, the Pilot II Guide Jacket System is the perfect suit for me in all conditions.” - David Mullins, Bassmaster Elite Angler